How to Insert table in gmail with Borders

Insert table in gmail make easy

Today, almost people have your own email and use email contact other. You can apply some simple way to make your Gmail more attractive and professional like insert symbol or insert table in gmail. 

I will show you how to insert table in gmail with borders with 4 simple ways:

1.Insert table in gmail use Google Spreadsheet

  1. Open your Google Drive
  2. Under the Google Logo click on Create ->Spreadsheet then Google Spreadsheet open.
  3. Click on any cell & paste the copies excel table. It will get pasted without boarders.
  4. Select the table and create boarders by clicking on the Boarders icon.
  5. Select the Table and copy it (Ctrl+C)
  6. Go to Gmail Compose & paste the copied content.


(You can adjust the column & row borders just like in Excel offline. Ensure that the contents are correct)

Now you can see the table have just copied with boarders in Gmail.

The way is useful when you have already a table in Excel. If you want to create a new table with boarders in Gmail, you simple directly create it in Google Doc Spreadsheet & then paste in your Gmail Compose.

Insert table in gmail

2.Insert table in gmail use Web page

In other way, you can create and copy content (table) from any web page and paste it into the Gmail rich text editor. The editor function will do its best to keep the formatting.

3.Insert table in gmail use Word

Create the table in Word then save the document as ‘Single File Web Page’; select and copy the table ( Ctrl + C ); paste into your Gmail ( Ctrl + V ). It brings across the borders, shading, font size… 

4.Insert table in gmail by insert link

You also create and published table whith borders on Google Spreadsheet then copy link and past into your Gmail. The table will be appear on your email message and ready for sending.

I give you 4 ways to insert table in gmail above mention, you know, its easy to do. Hope it useful for you.



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